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Water Features and Ponds are a fantastic addition to any garden. Get in touch with our experts today.

Water features come in many shapes and sizes, from natural ponds with waterfalls, to raised pools, rills and more sculptural water walls. Most add an extra dimension to a garden and enliven all our senses. Water has wonderful reflective and contemplative qualities as well as bringing wildlife closer to us and sometimes disguising unwanted noise.

No matter what’s going on with our weather, our artificial grass stays beautiful 365 days a year with the minimum of maintenance!

If a water feature is not properly installed, it will inevitably leak and become the worst and most expensive feature in your garden. The team at Water Drop Landscaping are professional installers of all types and styles of water features, from small, self-contained features to ponds, lakes and waterfalls. We offer detailed construction detailing, planting plans and schedules for any water feature, along with supply, installation and aftercare.